The National Electric Safety Code, or NESC, has instituted a policy that electrical utility workers should wear flame resistant clothing when they’re on the job. Flame retardant coveralls and other FR garments were always options for electric utility workers, but now they are a necessity for those in that industry. Our lightweight FR workwear is ideal for NESC compliance for electric utilities. We have an assortment of lightweight knits, jackets, and flame retardant overalls that are similar to the fit and style that you’ve come to know and trust—but are now compliant to the additional FR testing methods that are required.

Maintain compliance with FR workwear

The NESC states that if employee exposure is greater than 2cal/cm2, then they are required to wear FR clothing on the job. It’s important to wear clothing that has an effective arc rating in order to maintain safety standards. Many workwear manufacturers are focusing on providing lightweight FR clothing in order to appease electrical utility workers. NESC is in place to keep workers safe—but you shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable on the job. There’s no need to wear bulky FR workwear anymore. These FR products are complaint with NESC protection standards, but they minimize any potential for heat stress. After all, if you’re uncomfortable, you can’t do your job properly.

FR fabrics are continually evolving in order to maintain compliance with NESC standards. Your flame retardant coveralls, jackets, and shirts are keeping up with the ever-changing safety landscape. This means that you can find more options than ever before. Here at FR Apparel Warehouse, we strive to provide you with the latest and greatest FR workwear. New flame resistant fabric technologies are constantly being discovered, and we offer consumers more options when it comes to maintaining compliance with NESC standards.

Compliance with these standards on the job doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable. Taking a layering approach to your FR workwear will allow you to be comfortable and move around easily on the job. Additionally, wearing multiple layers can provide more protection, just be sure that you do not incorporate any fabrics that can melt (polyester or nylon), as that can negatively affect the performance of the FR fabrics. Maintain your NESC compliance with flame retardant coveralls, jackets, and shirts from FR Apparel Warehouse.