When your work has the potential to involve electric hazards, it’s important to have the right FR clothes and equipment for the job. NFPA 70E for general industry dictates that employees working in areas where the potential for electrical hazards are present need to use the proper protective equipment. That means that FR clothes are required. The workwear should be designed and constructed for the specific job. Our FR clothes are many and varied—and you’re sure to find the solution to keep you protected to NFPA 70E standards.

How to protect yourself with FR clothing

  • Whenever you’re working within an arc flash protection boundary, you should be sure to wear protective FR clothes and any other personal protective equipment that you should need. All parts of your body that are within the arc flash protection boundary should be protected with FR clothes.
  • When you’re wearing FR clothes, it’s important that it still allows for movement and visibility. This is one of the core components of NFPA 70E for general industry.
  • If there is a danger of head injury from electric shock or burns, then it is imperative that workers wear nonconductive head protection. Choosing the right FR headgear is easy with FR Apparel Warehouse. Whenever there is danger of injury from exposure to electric arcs or flashes, you should have the right kind of protection.
  • It should go without saying that in order to fully comply with NFPA 70E, you should wear protective FR clothes. Whenever there is possible exposure to an electric arc flash that is above the threshold for a second-degree burn, you should be fully prepared with FR clothes.

Maintain your equipment

Your protective electrical equipment should be maintained so that it stays in safe and reliable condition. This is important to ensure that your FR clothes protect you the way that they should. Additionally, insulating equipment should be inspected for damage before you use it and immediately following any incident that could conceivably cause damage. When it comes to NFPA 70E for general industry, it’s always best to be prepared.